Laboratory and interior equipment supplier INNLAB AG, which serves the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, schools and hospitals, specialises in the planning of high-quality laboratory facilities and interior fittings.


Swiss company INNLAB AG, which has its headquarters and service office in Basel and a production facility in Therwil, employs 43 people and has 22 years of experience in laboratory environments.

In addition to lab equipment such as fume cupboards, INNLAB manufactures partition wall systems for the effective layout of offices, schools and workshops.
It also provides servicing and maintenance for fume cupboards and doors.

Our solution

To ensure that their fume cupboards are leak-free and that operators are protected, INNLAB opted for SKAN Conttest.

The robot-assisted test procedure, which can detect a leak within just 10 minutes, is performed with a mobile measuring station. It uses a human-like dummy that tests the environment using standardised robot movements.


SKAN conttest

Standardised dynamic breakout test for fume cupboards

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