SKAN's innovative H2O2 sensor optaria

SKAN optaria is an active hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) sensor, designed specifically for pharmaceutical isolators. The sensor uses optical laser-spectroscopy to measure the entire relevant H2O2 concentration range for processes in isolator working chambers. This range comprises high to extremely low concentrations (1500 – 0.050 ppm). The data is provided in real time and is used to ensure operator as well as process safety.


What can you use optaria for?

optaria can be used in any SKAN isolator, for research and development as well as for production. The sensor is available as mobile, standalone version or integrated into the isolator.

  • You can use optaria to monitor and develop your decontamination cycle: e. g. for qualification/validation, for R & D and process improvement.
  • You can monitor low residual concentrations of H₂O₂ during aseptic processing of sensitive products.


Why optaria?

  • You can now cover the entire H₂O₂ range using only one sensor.
  • Precise, stable, real-time data increases process transparency.
  • Supports your contamination control strategy (CCS) according to Annex 1.
  • optaria has an integrated purging/zeroing channel for simple and automated operation.
  • The sensor allows for an easy and compact integration.
  • How does it work?

    Using direct physical contact and continuous absorption spectroscopy, optaria measures the total airborne H₂O₂ concentration in the isolator chamber during and after a decontamination cycle. The sensor measures even in saturated conditions, which leads to a realistic measurement of vapor and aerosol H₂O₂ mixtures.

    The sensor located either in the clean room or in the service area samples the isolator chamber air through a dedicated sampling head installed in the chamber. Once the air is analyzed within the sensor, H₂O₂ in the sampled air is removed using an internal catalytic converter before exhausting to the room or to the return ducting of the isolator.

  • How precise is the measurement?

    The sensor accuracy is 5 % of actual reading (includes precision, drift, and impact of ambient conditions).

  • Is optaria regulatory compliant?
    • Cleanroom compliant device (grade B certified for particle generation)
    • CE & NRTL certified
    • GMP compliance for the integrated version
    • Reproducible results and simple re-validation of measurement can be used for your Annex 1-compliant contamination control strategy (CCS).
  • Which services are available?
    • Supportive service packages and spare parts are available.
    • Calibration and field validation are covered by SKAN.
  • Technical specifications
    • Measurement range (FS): 0.05 – 1500 ppm
    • Response times @ 100 ppm: fall time (t90-t10) ≤ 60 s
    • Limit of detection (LOD) : ≤ 50 ppb
    • Accuracy: ≤ ± 5 % of reading
    • IP54 (sensor), IP65 (sample head)
    • Input power: 110-230V 50-60Hz
    • Sensor dimensions: 420 x 649 x 200 mm
    • Sensor weight: 31 kg

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