In today’s pharmaceutical industry, robotic systems and automated processes are becoming increasingly important. Because these aspects mean reliably, consistent quality, as well as enormous safety for the process and the operator, the use and integration of SKANs isolator technology for aseptic processes is inevitable.

As market leader, SKANs concern is not only to provide the most innovative technology for isolators, cleanrooms and aseptic processes, but also to think about the future challenges of customers. We are always one step ahead.

Realize your own optimized process thanks to the latest automation technology. Reduce manual intervention to a minimum. Learn more.

Your advantages of customized integrated processes

  • Upgrade your production process to a new, modern level and integrate them easily into your filling lines.
  • Realize your own optimized process thanks to the latest automation technology.
  • Reduce manual intervention to a minimum and increase operator safety to a maximum.
  • Increase the efficiency of your automated processes with the most innovative robotic technology.
  • Ensure aseptic conditions with efficient and automated H2O2 decontamination.
  • Obtain cGMP approval from your authorities quickly thanks to proven technology.
  • Integrated processes can handle any aseptic task

    Special aseptic processes that are either too complicated or too difficult are increasingly being taken over by robotic systems, which can easily be installed in isolators and filling lines. Additional automated processes, such as the neutralization of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) within cleanrooms by integrated nanox® catalyst, guarantee maximum process efficiency and increase product and operator safety.
    A large control panel facilitates the handling of the isolator and permanently provides the necessary information about the ongoing aseptic process. This data is reliably documented and stored.

  • Always the right solution for your process technology

    Our special process team focuses on providing the right automated solution to integrate with your aseptic processes, isolator systems or filling lines.
    With our expertise in H2O2 decontamination and automated robotic systems, we always find the safest and most efficient technology for your individual aseptic process to fit your working environment. The earlier we are involved in your project, the faster you can set up an efficient aseptic process.

  • The unique features of SKANs integrated processes
    • The processes are set up and accompanied by highly qualified and experienced development engineers.
    • Innovative tools for analytical validation of individual designs.
    • Compatible docking systems and connected quick-change locks for your isolator system.
    • Efficient collaboration with the market leader for robotics and automated solutions in isolator systems and filling lines.
    • SKANs innovative solution for aseptic powder transfer enables the movement and handling of large or heavy powder cans.
    • Appropriate and proven ‘Track & Trace’ solutions for your process efficiency.
  • Integrated processes for aseptic process conditions

    The process components used in the isolator are almost unlimited. The trend is clearly towards robot-based, automated systems to avoid operator intervention and increase safety for both the process and the operator.
    Especially when processing heavy containers, robots are indispensable.
    Together with its partners, SKAN has implemented various robotic systems under aseptic conditions:

    • Handling of containers or powder cans
    • Powder processing, filling or emptying
    • Dispensing or dosing
    • Creation and processing of cell culture
    • Realization of special liquid processes

    The isolator can be used for pure product protection as well as for aseptic-toxic purposes.

  • Automation

    SKANs automated solutions are development according to current GAMP and fulfil all regulatory requirements.

    • GMP guidelines, CFR 21 Part 11, EndraLex Volume 4
    • Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA)
    • PLC Siemens or Allen Bradley
    • HMI Beckhoff Industrial PC
    • Beckhoff touchscreen monitor
    • Active Directory
    • Decontamination report
    • Batch report
    • Campagne report
    • Audit trail functionalities
    • Electronic records
    • Electronic signature
    • OPC interface
  • Options and accessories
    • Rapid transfer material airlock SARA
    • Rapid transfer port for solids (RTP)
    • Rapid transfer port for liquids (AT -Port™)
    • H2O2 TLV sensor for room monitoring (operator safety)
    • H2O2 LC sensor (low concentration) for isolator chamber
    • H2O2 HC sensor (high concentration) for isolator chamber
    • Viable monitoring according to your choice
    • Particle counter (non-viable) according to your choice
    • Glove testing devices with position control function
    • Negative pressure operation mode for special application
    • Robot and conveyor system for heavy powder cans

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