SKAN biological indicator test system for secure decontamination processes

Biological indicators are test systems based on viable microorganisms and their defined resistance to specific decontamination procedures. This microbiological method shows the results of decontamination and sterilization immediately and directly without reference parameters. Biological indicators are currently used for validation and routine control of all common decontamination procedures.

SKAN BI® are specifically designed for use in demanding industrial H2O2 decontamination processes. Each stainless steel carrier is provided with certified bacterial spores of Geobacillus stearothermophilus. Each carrier is individually wrapped in a non-woven flashpun of high density polyethylene fiber material. SKANs unique design and manufacturing processes ensure reliable and unsurpassed quality of biological indicators.


The distinctive features of SKAN BI®

  • Fully validated production and quality controls with biological indicators.
  • SKAN BI® can be removed from the primary packaging without risk of touching the inoculated area.
  • Easy positioning of biological indicators in the system with tape or hooks.
  • Clear carrier design to facilitate transfer into the nutrient broth.
  • Continuous scientific and technological development of biological indicators.
  • Customer support from our experts.


Providing the appropriate biological indicator for each process

In order to provide the right biological indicators for each process, SKAN has developed three standard variants which can be used depending on the individual process. The biological indicators differentiate themselves by the number of certified Geobacillus stearothermophilus spores.

  • SKAN BI® – DSM5934 – 10e6
    (minimum of 1,000,000 bacterial spores)
  • SKAN BI® – DSM5934 – 10e5
    (minimum of 100,000 bacterial spores)
  • SKAN BI® – DSM5934 – 10e4
    (minimum of 10,000 bacterial spores)

Our experts professionally support you in implementing the decontamination process suitable for your plant using the right biological indicator.

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