The AT-Port™ System for aseptic connections is designed to enable safe and easy transfer of liquids and liquid products between separate areas with different containment classifications within an isolator.

The integration of the AT-Port™ System for aseptic connections is simple and ideal to use within isolator technology. It is the smart solution for primary fluid transfer and a perfect complement to existing fluid transfer solutions.



Advantages of the AT-Port™ System

  • The aseptic AT-Port™ ensures class A continuity with highest sterility and toxicity assurance.
  • The aseptic connection is set up in seconds and the device is validated for multiple use up to 5 connections and disconnections.
  • The AT-Port™ guarantees the highest safety: The internal port cannot be opened without the connection device inserted, and the connection device cannot be removed if the internal port is not closed.
  • Functionality of the aseptic connection device
    • The AT-Port™ system is suitable for both aseptic transfer and safe transfer to highly contaminated environments.
    • The unique aseptic technology can be used either for transferring products from conventional vessels, or as part of a complete single-use fluid handling system.
    • The system performs a 100% air leak test of the connection device.
  • Composition and aseptic technology of the AT-Port™ System

    The AT-Port™ System consists of:

    • AT-Port™, which contains an external fixed port and an internal removable port.
    • AT-Connector™, a disposable connector device, sterilized in an autoclave or by gamma irradiation.
    • AT-Connect™, a ready-to-use aseptic connector device that minimizes product loss, which is sterilized by gamma irradiation and equipped with luer lock.
  • Option and accessories
    • AT-Connect™ – a ready-to-use connector device
  • System components
    • The connection port for aseptic liquid transfers consists of an external stainless steel port (AISI 316L) and an internal stainless steel port (AISI 316L, PEEK).
    • The connector device is suitable for installation on stainless steel walls, but not for glass walls. The AT-Connect™ is validated for multiple use up to 5 connections/disconnections.
    • The product is supplied non-sterile or sterilized by gamma irradiation. On request, it can also be autoclaved.
    • For further details, please refer to the product specification for the AT-Connect™.

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