WirelessGT 2

The SKAN WirelessGT 2 is the most advanced and fully automated glove testing system on the market. The test system complies with cGAMP specifications regarding pressure decay measurement for isolators and RABS in the pharmaceutical industry. All functions necessary for reliable glove testing are integrated in the battery-powered test hood and do not require any hoses or wires. The user-friendly wireless glove testing system automatically monitors the pressure loss of the glove or sleeve assembly over an individually definable time.


The benefits of the WirelessGT 2

  • Easy to use, fast, and safe glove testing system
  • Reduces glove testing cycle time
  • Generates reliable test results on a scientific basis with documented reports
  • Innovative design allows simultaneous testing of multiple installed gloves
  • Glove testing system includes operator access management (Active Directory)
  • The system maintains standardized data interface via OPC (DA, AE and UA) to create a customized audit trail
  • SKANs WirelessGT 2 is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant and IP54 certified
  • WirelessGT 2 – Easier and safer than ever

    The WirelessGT 2 provides reliable and convenient glove integrity testing in isolator systems. The glove tester is designed to be easily placed on the glove port, automatically detecting the RFID tag and simultaneously inflating the seals to ensure a secure fit. The test starts automatically by the recipe to be used, stored on the RFID tag. An LED indicator on the handle shows the status of the wireless glove tester throughout the process.

    The system consists of the testing units and a corresponding interface software through which the pressure curve of each tester can be viewed in real time. It also consolidates the collected test data from multiple glove tester into one overview and allows the management and configuration of multiple recipes and campaigns.

  • Customized wireless glove testing for your needs

    Every isolator and every equipment have individual requirements. Therefore, it is important for us to provide a customized offer for each situation. We individually develops and qualifies the right test parameters and campaigns for perfect glove testing for each production facility.

    SKAN not only provides the test system, but also equips you with all related documents and protocols for a smooth audit of your glove test.

  • Improved safety with the WirelessGT 2
    • Wireless transmission to PC
    • Testing time from 15 minutes, depending on glove material and required accuracy
    • Specific test recipes for different glove types
    • User-friendly operation, cGMP-compliant testing
    • Secure identification of the tested glove port by RFID
    • Detects holes larger than 100 μm
    • Suitable for use in cleanrooms
    • Test pressure up to 3000 Pa
    • All gloves in an isolator can be tested simultaneously
    • In-situ testing without removing the gloves
    • Continuously pre-filtered air is used for inflation
    • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries with active battery management system
  • Field of application
    • WirelessGT 2 can be used in cleanroom class B, C and D environments.

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