SKAN Hauptquartier Eingansbereich

The 5000 m2 site offers space for two production halls for both customized and standardized products. The product range extends from classic isolators for sterility testing to small-scale filling systems and customized large-scale systems for commercial production.

The headquarters is also the center for SKAN’s research and development. In the birthplace of established SKAN technologies such as the skanfog® decontamination technology or the nanox® catalyst, innovative solutions for aseptic and aseptic-toxic processes continue to be developed. The focus is always on the customer and the claim to jointly define the best process for each application.

The industry is strictly regulated by the relevant authorities (e.g. EU GMP Annex 1), thus robotic systems and automated processes play an increasingly important role. SKAN’s experts for special process technology offer suitable automation options for integration into various aseptic processes.

Furthermore, the headquarters houses “Digital Solutions”, SKAN’s digital competence center. Digital Solutions develops individual and manufacturer-independent solutions and, as a system integrator, also draws on proven products from long-standing partners. It also makes isolator training with virtual reality or remote FATs and support with augmented reality possible.

True to the motto “Form follows function”, SKAN’s design department has developed an attractive product design strategy that is characterized by “Hygienic Design” and follows a simple and elegant design language in its execution. For example, shoulder rings and magnetic locks without screws or flush signal lights and ventilation slots play a central role. The starting point for this design strategy is the “spectra” sterility test isolator, which won the Red Dot design 2021 award for its high design quality. SKAN followed up immediately in 2022 with the Red Dot Design Award for the flexible production isolator PSI-L 2.0.

Within the scope of quality control, SKAN AG has specialized in biological indicators (BI) for H2O2-based decontamination systems in its in-house laboratory. The experienced team combines the knowledge of microbiology, bioprocess engineering, qualification engineers and quality assurance experts to determine the right process for each application. Furthermore, analytical services are offered at SKAN Labs as part of SKANalytix, which make it possible to ensure process, product and user safety, ultimately providing consumers with safer products.

SKAN AG’s product and service portfolio is rounded off by LifeCycle Support, whose goal is to be a reliable partner to the customer throughout the entire lifecycle of the isolator. This includes corrective maintenance, requalification, recalibration, 24/7 hotline, spare parts management, retrofits and much more.

With Pure Solutions, SKAN AG has an in-house department that can optimally advise Swiss customers on workplace solutions in the area of pure air. The products range from fume cupboards to safety workbenches and personal protective equipment (PPE). These products are used in laboratories and research, biotechnology and life science, hospitals and pharmacies, medical technology and mechatronics, and also in the food industry. In addition, Pure Solutions also offers a broad portfolio of services in this area.

Last but not least, the SKAN Academy is also located at the headquarters. This is where the comprehensive in-house training of SKAN employees takes place, ensuring that over 50 years of experience in cleanroom technology is passed on. On request, the Academy also offers customers customized user training courses at the premises in Allschwil.