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Cleanrooms do not have to be expensive and complex to buy. The Cleanroom Kits are designed for simplicity and offer the cost-effective alternative for certain product protection applications. If cleanroom requirements change over time, Cleanroom Kits are adaptable, easily expandable, and offer the greatest possible flexibility.


ISO Class 7 + 8 according to EN ISO 14644-1
  • Solution

    Cleanroom Kits are available in a variety of pre-designed configurations, which can be delivered in just a few weeks. Due to the modular design and detailed assembly instructions, the cleanrooms can be self-assembled with a little manual skill. Even extensions of the room, deconstruction or relocation are therefore easy and quick to realize.

    These flexible cleanrooms can also be validated according to the required classification with formal test documents. Cleanroom Kits therefore offer a flexible and cost-effective alternative to setting up a cleanroom.

  • Functional principle

    Clean Air Modules (CAM) use H14 HEPA filters with 99.997 % efficiency at 0.3 microns. Through these filter modules, the room is supplied with clean air.

    The extra smooth aluminum surfaces ensure easy cleaning and prevent particle buildup. The special 45° angles inside ensure that particles are much more difficult to settle on edges and enables an uncomplicated cleaning.

  • Characteristics
    • ISO 7 / ISO 8
    • Modular, expandable and adaptable
    • Short delivery and assembly times
    • Gently closing sliding door
    • LED lighting
  • Field of application
    • Food Industry
    • Medical Technology
    • Mechatronics and Precision engineering
    • Watchmaker and Optics
  • Additional products and options
    • PLUS models with additional personnel airlock
    • Filter module CAM1000
    • Filter module CAM2250

SKAN Pure Solutions

Technical specification

Technical Data (in mm)Cleanroom Kit 4MCleanroom Kit 6M
Outer dimensions (W x D x H)2030 x 2130 x 26502030 x 3130 x 2650
Outer dimensions (W x D x H) Modules PLUS (with additional changing atrium)2030 x 3130 x 26502030 x 4130 x 2650
Inside dimensions, working space (W x D x H)2000 x 2000 x 23502000 x 3000 x 2350
Technical Data (in mm)Cleanroom Kit 9MCleanroom Kit 12M
Outer dimensions (W x D x H)3030 x 3130 x 26503030 x 4130 x 2650
Outer dimensions (W x D x H) Modules PLUS (with additional changing atrium)3030 x 4130 x 26503030 x 5130 x 2650
Inside dimensions, working space (W x D x H)3000 x 3000 x 23503000 x 4000 x 2350


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