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Mann mit VR-Brille

The operator performs many manual tasks on the isolator, which must first be trained. VR training offers the following advantages:

  • Virtual training without stopping production or before the isolator is ready. Increase OEE.
  • Instead of internalizing the SOP, the operator can have the manual tasks demonstrated and perform them himself. This enables more efficient learning, as the sequences are easily committed to an employee’s memory.
  • After the validated VR training, the operator is ready for the final training on the real isolator.

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  • How does my company benefit from VR training?

    The entire company benefits from virtual training. The training process is transparent and various instances can track the training. Any mistakes can be recorded and replayed at a later date for analysis purposes. The SOP is not only read but actively experienced.

  • Why VR training from SKAN?

    Compared to many other companies, SKAN relies on internal know-how in the field of modern technologies. SKAN always integrates the most modern and up-to-date approaches in its solutions in order to always be one step ahead. The implementation is done in close communication with the customer, so that the content fits perfectly to the customer.

  • Does SKAN exclusively offer isolator training in VR?

    No, SKAN Digital Solutions offers both standardized and individually tailored training content for various problems in the pharmaceutical sector. Especially in these quality-critical areas, VR trainings are very time- and cost-saving, since no machine has to be stopped or critical rooms prepared.

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