LifeCycle Support Isolators
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SKAN offers professional support to ensure that your equipment is operating at maximum productivity and reliability. The development of comprehensive maintenance programs and services covering all aspects of SKAN equipment was inspired by the decades of hands-on experience of SKANs experts.

Our certified technicians perform precise recalibrations and repairs as well as modification requests on site, to maintain the qualified status of your equipment. Also microbiological recalibrations to check the effectiveness of the decontamination process and to guarantee the safety of the workplace, can be realized professionally and reliably.

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Contact our dedicated sales managers to discuss the possible options (e.g. framework contract) for your equipment. In collaboration with you and our qualification and field engineers, we are ready to provide the best support to ensure the maximum lifecycle for your installations, and reduce the risk of downtime.

  • Professional requalification of your equipment

    Requalification is performed by SKANs qualified and experienced field engineers. The program can be combined with spare parts packages to ensure availability of critical components and can be extended to include microbiological requalification in conjunction with our proprietary biological indicators.

    Regarding recalibration, SKAN has more than 20 years of experience with the latest technology of test equipment. This allows current guidelines and standards as well as the needs of customers to be met equally. The test equipment is calibrated and adaptable to national standards. The consistent quality worldwide makes SKANs isolator support irreplaceable.

  • Corrective maintenance on-site and remote

    SKANs experienced service and maintenance experts will take care of any problems or issues that may occur during the lifecycle of your installation. The experts provide specific knowledge and know your plant in detail, so that malfunctions and failures can be solved quickly and easily. Corrective maintenance is offered both as an on-site service and as remote support.

  • SKANs Digital Service Support

    SKAN offers two cutting-edge digital technologies to enhance its comprehensive services:

    • Augmented Reality (AR): SKANs AR technology is preferred for services and maintenance and allows SKANs experienced technicians to be virtually on site and analyze problems in a targeted manner.
    • Virtual Reality (VR): SKANs VR technology is ideal for training purposes. Through virtual simulations of isolators and process flows, plant operators can easily acquire and refresh knowledge without risk.
  • Individual training from SKAN

    SKAN intends to enable all customers to fully understand and safely operate their own equipment and to independently identify problems. Therefore, our experts pass on their extensive knowledge in theoretical and practical trainings. These can take place on site or in SKANs own training rooms. The training and education offer is always oriented to the special requirements and wishes of the customers.

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