The new version of the VarioSys® isolator (PSI-L 2.0) impresses with new functionality and clear design. The VarioSys® integrates highly efficient filter cartridges (FiPa), high-performance catalysts and the patented skanfog® flow system. This not only ensures reliable cycles with lower H2O2 consumption and significantly reduced cycle time, but also the highest possible process reliability. At the same time, the VarioSys® isolator system is more flexible than ever and can be optimally adapted to all products and processes. In addition, the unique L-flange enables even more efficient replacement.

The VarioSys Isolator system offers an unprecedented modularity and flexibility, which makes it possible to meet the requirements of the most diverse manufacturing processes.

The unique features of the VarioSys® isolator system

  • Complete killing of a 106 population of Geobacillus Stearothermophilus is validatable and reproducible
  • Aseptic and toxic production by H2O2 decontamination of the isolator
  • Isolator with quick and easy exchangeable modules
  • Empty flange plate guarantees more flexibility
  • Robot safety to minimize risk for operator and process
  • Operator protection through safely replaceable FiPa filters
  • Suitable for many types and sizes of ready-to-use packaging materials

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  • VarioSys® – Adjusts to your needs

    The VarioSys® isolator system offers an unprecedented modularity and flexibility, which makes it possible to meet the requirements of the most diverse manufacturing processes. Individual modules within the isolator can also be exchanged quickly and easily.

    Depending on the production process, the isolator can be loaded via a mousehole, a SARA-XL Material Airlock, or a sterilization tunnel. The final discharge of the products and parts can also optionally take place via a mousehole, a material lock, or a bag-out system. In addition, one or more freeze dryers of various sizes can be integrated into the isolator and thus into the process. The VarioSys® isolator system can be used for almost any product project.

  • VarioSys® – Easy automation of your processes

    More and more processes are being automated to ensure safety for the product and the operator. To provide the best possible isolator safety and to guarantee the highest possible process reliability, VarioSys® isolators are equipped with special options for easy integration of robots inside the isolator. In addition, the system offers a reinforced working chamber, an intervention protection, as well as a special front screen. Thus, the VarioSys® isolator system offers the best conditions for automating your individual process.

  • SKANs integrated SARA-XL material airlock

    The new and improved version of the SARA-XL material lock can be attached to any PSI-L configuration and thus also to VarioSys® isolator system due to its modular design. The airlock features built-in catalysts, high-efficiency filter cartridges (FiPa), and the patented skanfog® flow system. The SARA-XL is currently the safest and fastest airlock, achieving the shortest cycle times even when loaded. In addition, a fast and gentle bio-decontamination process can be realized with the airlock, which complies with the current Good Manufacturing Practice.

  • Main specifications of SARA-XL
    • Flow-through airflow without return and recirculation air, integrated catalyst, and powerful fan for fast decontamination
    • Low H2O2 consumption
    • Toxic processes can be mapped
    • Short cycle times under 15 minutes
    • Suitable for H2O2-resistant and ready-to-use packaging materials in various sizes
  • Other products and optional items
    • Bausch+Ströbel (B+S) semi-automated table top machines
    • Bausch+Ströbel VarioSys fully automated vial filling, stoppering and capping
    • Bausch+Ströbel VarioSys fully automated nested syringe filling and stoppering
    • Bausch+Ströbel VarioSys semi-automated cartridge process
    • Bausch+Ströbel VarioSys fully automated ampule filling
    • GEA LYOVAC freeze dryers with automatic loading and unloading
    • Harro Hoefliger bag filling
    • Harro Hoefliger aseptic handling robots
    • Aseptic Technologies AT-Closed Vial®
    • ATEC Steritec stopper processing system
    • ATEC Steritec compounding and formulation vessel
    • Manual operation from two sides possible
    • Filter dryer for toxic substances

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SKAN PSI-L Isolator wins Red Dot award for Design Quality
SKAN PSI-L Isolator wins Red Dot award for Design Quality

The SKAN PSI-L 2.0 isolator has received the Red Dot Award 2022: Industrial Design. The “Red Dot” award stands for high design quality.

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