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As many parameters change over time, workflows and equipment become obsolete. User specifications, production changes and new regulations constantly influence the requirements for processes and equipment. Service availability, software support and spare parts supply also decrease over time. This poses a high risk to production and affects both the functionality and efficiency of established processes.

In order to stay up to date with the latest technology without cost-intensive investment in new production and laboratory equipment, SKAN provides advanced options to upgrade existing equipment. Digital integration of latest technologies, upgrades and retrofits ensures extended availability of key isolator and equipment capabilities.

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Would you like to modernize your plant and thus extend its life cycle by many years? Do you need to make adjustments to comply with the latest rules and regulations? Our experienced specialists will be happy to help you bring your system up to the state of the art technology and reduce the risk of downtimes. Contact us and benefit from our unique LifeCycle Support.

  • Retrofit – Turning old into new

    In order to avoid cost-intensive investments, existing plants can be easily and uncomplicatedly refurbished and brought up to the current state of technology. Thanks to SKANs retrofit, every outdated system becomes again top modern. By replacing obsolete parts with the latest spare parts, the functionality of the plant is secured in the long term and the lifecycle can be extended.

  • Benefit from optimizations of your existing plants

    By integrating new technologies, existing plants can easily and effectively be modernized. The optimization of used software and hardware brings your plant up to the current state of technology. This not only maintains the quality of your already established processes but also takes care of new legal requirements. The main advantage of upgrading and optimizing existing processes is the maintenance of existing production volumes and the avoidance of complex process re-qualifications.

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