SKAN Stein AG is your expert for the construction of machines and equipment in the pharmaceutical sector. The focus is always on the individual requirements and personal wishes of our customers.

The development of customized solutions for complex process descriptions is second nature to us, because mechanical engineering is not just a profession for us, but a passion. With our flexible ways of working and our fully comprehensive range of services, we are the reliable partner at your side.

ebeam Competence Center

From concept to machine: The ebeam Competence Center is your qualified partner for the development, optimization, implementation, and support of ebeam products and processes. SKANs proven electron beam technology is deployed across industries in decontamination processes, validation tests as well as quality control and much more.

The use of ebeam technology is not only limited to current requirements, but also lies in future challenges – such as applications that have yet to be developed. The experienced and skilled team of the ebeam Competence Center supports you with passion and expertise in the development of your individual application of electron beams.

  • Expertise in all areas

    Our professional team at the ebeam Competence Center offers unique expertise to quickly and professionally evaluate and realize ideas for high energy electron beam applications. The process design for the development of new electron beam applications includes all services from conception to system integration. During development, all parameters from shielding, dosimetry and simulation are considered according to the highest safety standards.

  • EBLab – The unique test unit based on ebeam

    The EBLab is the compact, flexible and easy-to-use test unit based on electron beam technology. With this self-contained and fully shielded system, measurements, experiments and quality control tests can be performed easily and safely in a small space, without the need for additional infrastructure. Whether you want to test your material quality or develop entirely new materials, the EBLab allows flexible adjustment of measurement parameters, making it ideal for R&D experiments and validation tests.

  • The ebeam engine platform is suitable for many applications

    The ebeam engine platform is the core of numerous applications and machine concepts. Thanks to the sealed EBA lamp, operating at energies of 80 – 200 kV, integrations are achievable, which are impossible with pumped systems. The standardized design impresses with compactness, which has already established the ebeam engine plattform for many applications, such as sterilization, curing, coatings, adhesives, cross-linking, bioburden reduction. Through quality engineering, the ebeam engine offers unique reliability, which can also be the foundation of your next project.

  • Modern systems thanks to SKANs ebeam technology

    Pharmaceutical, food and agriculture are the main markets which we call home. Many years of experience in mechanical and systems engineering build the bridge from concept to system realization. Our specialties GMP, Stainless Steel and Hygienic Design are what we live and breathe. Combined with shielding and process design for ebeam, the expertise of our qualified team enables us to provide the best possible support for your projects from start to finish across the entire range of services.

  • Application development at your request

    Technology only unfolds its full potential in the right hands and with the proper tools. We develop your ideas into solid business cases and turn them into reality. Whatever your individual challenge is, the ebeam Competence Center is your partner in technology validation. Whether it’s bioburden reduction, sterilization, curing, crosslinking, or an entirely new use case to be developed. Take advantage of the comprehensive service portfolio and years of experience in system development and manufacturing to create new applications together.

ebeam Services

Manufacturing Competence Center

The development of technically outstanding and highly reliable isolators and cleanroom technologies is one of the core competences of SKAN AG. The extensive product range includes filling systems, safety cabinets, lock systems and isolators. Our unique and customized solutions are used in the pharmaceutical industry, medical technology, as well as the food industry. We develop the right solution for each of our customers requirements.

  • Your professional partner for development and construction of production lines

    As market leader in the field of cleanroom technology, SKAN Stein AG is your reliable and competent partner for the development and construction of high-quality isolators and equipment. Each system and installation is designed and realized by our specialists based on the individual requirements and needs of our customers.

  • Steel construction – The solid foundation of every plant

    The basic structure of each isolator and cleanroom technology equipment consists of a solid stainless steel housing, which unites all individual components and elements of equipment. As a leading partner for the development and construction of cleanroom systems, SKAN provides all services from a single source. All steel construction elements as well as the complex stainless steel housings are professionally produced in Switzerland by SKAN Stein AG.

  • Safe and clean filling with SKAN filling systems

    The FDS PH filling system from SKAN Stein AG is the highly modern and customized filling system for sterile solids when standard solutions are not appropriate. The filling system is operated by a cleanroom motor and is therefore ideally suited for installation in consisting isolators and plants. The system can be individually adapted to the requirements of different sterile filling processes and specifically to customer wishes.

    The FDS PH filling system has a filling pressure of -0 / +3.2 bar, a filling temperature of +160 °C and a dosing accuracy of 20 gr. The filling volume can be variably adjusted up to 500 liters. In addition, the filling system has integrated Cleaning-in-Place (CIP) and Sterilization-in-Place (SIP) solutions and ensures safe and clean filling.

  • Your partner for individual special solutions

    SKAN Stein AG is your expert and flexible partner in planning, development and production of customized, high-quality solutions for your individual processes and applications. Whether special equipment, assembly production according to customer drawings, or the production and covering of individual CG frames, SKAN Stein AG always has the right product solution for you in its portfolio. You can also rely on our many years of experience in isolator engineering for your processes.

Manufacturing Services