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The increasing complexity in the area of process units requires higher flexibility, scalability, availability, and safety of the process automation. In order to meet these requirements, the modern Process Control Systems support the centralized control, operation and monitoring of the entire process and its individual subsections.

With the help of Process Control Systems, entire process plants can be seamlessly connected and mapped together in one clear system.

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  • What is a Process Control System?

    A Process Control System enables the automatic control and operation of entire process plants and their support systems. It combines operation and visualization, engineering, control, batch, historian, asset management and alarm management into a complete system. The individual components of process plants are combined and automated in this integrated system.

    Third-party plants can be easily integrated via standard interfaces (e.g. OPC UA). Plant components that extend over wide areas can be connected and addressed without any problems. Remote stations are integrated via WAN (Wide Area Network) with telecontrol protocols. This enables both horizontal integration and vertical integration for connection to systems at higher corporate levels.

  • What are the costs for a Process Control System?

    Due to the almost unlimited scalability of Process Control Systems as well as the different project requirements, the costs are very variable. However, given the complexity of integrating Process Control Systems, the costs are in the range of at least 500 TCHF.

  • Where are Process Control Systems used?

    Process Control Systems are used in the area of process plants, both continuous and batch plants. They are mainly found in the pharmaceutical industry, but are also used in other industries.

  • What does a Process Control System provide?

    Because of its flexibility and the unlimited scalability, the Process Control System offers an easy plant expansion as well as scalable prices for hardware and software. In addition, the modern Process Control System allows a simple subsequent implementation of additional individual components.

  • Reference projects
    • Automation of a production plant for biochromatography media
    • Upgrade of a highly available PCS 7 plant in the pharmaceutical sector

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