SKAN Material Transfer Isolator

The MTI — Material Transfer Isolator with integrated skanfog® technology is the smallest and smartest two-glove isolator solution for all types of aseptic interfaces and manipulations. This independent and autonomous isolator system features fully automated surface decontamination with H2O2 nebulization technology with built-in SKAN nanox® catalyst, ensuring safe, fast and validatable aseptic processes and transfers in record time. The isolator system is compact and optimized to fit into any laboratory environment.

  • The distinctive features of the MTI — Material Transfer Isolator
    • EU-GMP Class A (ISO 5) certification of the manipulation chamber for surface decontamination
    • Integrated skanfog® technology for fast and reliable decontamination cycles
    • Integrated SKAN nanox® catalyst for autonomous operation of the isolator
    • Built-in AT-Port™ system for safe connection of aseptic liquid transfers
    • Integrated RTP — Rapid Transfer Ports for safe and aseptic loading of containers
    • Shelf mounting is available on request
  • Functionality of the small multi-talented isolator

    This flexible and independent two-glove isolator system is ideal for use in cleanrooms. The innovative ventilation system exhausts the air and returns it to the environment, creating a unidirectional airflow. The used air flows through the chamber of the isolator without recirculation.
    The integrated skanfog® decontamination system performs a fast, automated decontamination cycle with automatic leak testing. The patented nanox® catalyst neutralizes the hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), generated in the process, and guarantees a safe working environment for the process and the operator.

  • Future technology with MTI — Material Transfer Isolator

    To meet today’s standards of safety, hygiene, efficiency and automation, this flexible and autonomous two-glove isolator supports daily processes, transfers, and manipulations in aseptic environments. SKANs sophisticated and integrated skanfog® decontamination technology guarantees a fast and safe decontamination cycle time and contributes to the acceleration of aseptic processes. This leads to an overall efficiency of transfers and procedures. Thanks to the integrated SKAN nanox® catalyst, no exhaust ducts to the outside are required.

  • The special features of SKANs Material Transfer Isolator

    The connection of liquid tubing and the safe loading of Rapid Transfer Port (RTP) containers into aseptic processes and transfers require processes validated according to current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP). To facilitate validation and replace the current practice of manual processes, SKANs Material Transfer Isolator provides an integrated, fully automated manipulation and transfer process.

    In addition to state-of-the-art technology, the skanfog® Material Transfer Isolator adapts to any environment. The small and flexible isolator requires little space, but guarantees full access on every side. A small, clear chamber with large glass door and customized floor loading solutions and shelves adapts to any special needs.

  • Large fields of operation for the small MTI

    The autonomous MTI two-glove isolator is suitable for use in cleanrooms with at least EU-GMP Class D (ISO 8). Due to its compactness, SKANs Material Transfer Isolator is ideal for small aseptic manipulations according to EU GMP Class A (ISO 5), as well as for the preparation of indirect transfers using Rapid Transfer Port (RTP) containers.
    For smooth operation, the isolator requires only a power supply and compressed air. Additional exhaust pipes are not required thanks to the built-in SKAN nanox® catalyst.

  • Options and accessories
    • Rapid transfer port for solids (RTP up to size 350)
    • Rapid transfer port for liquids (AT-Port™)
    • H2O2 TLV sensor for room monitoring (operator safety)
    • Viable monitoring according to your choice
    • Particle counter (non-viable) according to your choice
    • Glove testing devices with position control function
    • TC validation port

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