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SKAN connect transforms any safety cabinets into a smart connected product. This means that the equipment can communicate and share data with its environment.
Should a fault occur, the SKAN service expert can quickly diagnose the problem and directly initiate the steps needed to resolve it, allowing the user to start work again as quickly as possible.
In the case of more minor faults that can be fixed remotely, there is no need for a technician to attend, which in turn avoids call-out costs and minimises downtime.


Suitable for the monitoring, surveillance, remote maintenance, networking and data recording for your devices

Frequently asked questions

  • Where can SKAN connect be utilised?

    SKAN connect can be used with any laboratory equipment that has a serical, digital and/or analogue interface.
    Particularly for safety cabinets, which can pose potential risks to user and products in case of failure or faults, our remote service is a crucial step towards a safe working environment.

  • What about data protection and security?

    The connection is established through a VPN, creating a closed network accessible only with a special key.
    We adhere to the latest technological standards and continuously strive to implement ongoing improvements to ensure the highest level of security at all times.
    No process or personally identifiable data is collected or stored. Additionally, the external server is located in Switzerland.

  • How is the remote service connected to the internet/network?

    SKAN connect can be easily integrated into the customer’s network. Alternatively, SKAN can provide an LTE router with a standalone network, which we will install on site for you. In both cases, the installation can also be done by the customer, if preferred.

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