Only available in Switzerland


  • Chemically resistant
  • Very long service life
  • Minimal costs for maintenance and spare parts


CE: DIN EN 12100:2011, DIN EN 50581:2013
  • Solution

    Biochem-VacuuCenter liquid aspiration systems are SKANs optimal solution for safe, sensitive and efficient aspiration of liquid supernatants in all laboratory applications.

    BVC basic is designed for connection to external vacuum sources. BVC control and BVC professional are equipped with a powerful, chemical-resistant diaphragm pump.

  • Functional principle

    The vacuum level and thus the suction force at the hand control can be sensitively adjusted via a touch panel. In addition, the BVC professional features a non-contact liquid level sensor and self-closing quick couplings (4l PP bottle version).

    All systems are available either with a vacuum-resistant, autoclavable 4l PP bottle or with a 2l borosilicate glass bottle, e.g., for working with aggressive disinfectants such as chlorine bleach. All versions are ready for connection of a second VHCpro handle.

  • Characteristics
    • 4l PP or 2l glass bottle – for a perfect fit with process protocols (glass version, e.g., for chlorine bleach)
    • Compact size with control handle – for flexible, space-saving setup with perfect ergonomics
    • Very low noise levels in operation – to work comfortably in daily routine
    • Sensitive suction power adjustment via touch panel – for sample protection and reproducible results
    • Vacuum pump that responds automatically – to demand no foot pedal switch needed
  • Field of application
    • Laboratory and Research
    • Biotec and Life Sciences
    • Hospitals and Pharmacies
  • Additional products and options
    • Mobile base frame BVC shuttle
    • VacuuHandControl VHCpro
    • Table stand for VacuuHandControl VHCpro
    • Tip pick-up 1-fold with ejector

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