Ned McCoy, Civica's CEO

groninger and SKAN collaborate to create state-of-the-art equipment manufactured exclusively for nonprofit pharmaceutical Civica’s new facility

Allschwil, March 2024

groninger, a leading innovator in filling and closing machines, and SKAN, renowned for their cutting-edge isolator technology, have collaborated to provide two filling lines for nonprofit pharmaceutical Civica’s new facility in Petersburg, Va. One line is designed to process vials in bulk, and the other to fill RTU containers in a nest. This marks the first time groninger and SKAN have come together to benefit a nonprofit in the United States.

The isolator-integrated vial filling line, branded integra, and nest filling line allow Civica to produce all different forms of injectables and represent a leap forward in pharmaceutical manufacturing technology. These lines allow for frequent format and product changes, which will give Civica the flexibility it needs to produce many different products and formats in the future to address drug shortages and lower the cost of essential medicines.

Additionally, both lines are designed to minimize product loss, ensuring that precious pharmaceutical ingredients are used optimally. This efficiency is vital for Civica, which is also preparing for its first rollouts of biosimilar insulin products on the equipment.

“From the beginning of this project we knew we wanted to work with industry leaders we could rely on with a proven platform,” said Jason Winfield, Civica’s Site Director of Engineering & Technical Services. “With groninger and SKAN we have been able to leverage the experience and expertise from both companies to help ensure the quality of our medicine.”

“This collaboration between groninger, SKAN, and Civica comes at a turning point in our industry. We are proud to be part of this development and to help improve access to life-saving medications,” said Philipp Hauser, groninger USA CEO. “This partnership is a testament to the synergy of leading-edge technology and mission-driven pharmaceutical manufacturing.”

SKAN, bringing their expertise in isolator design and manufacturing to the partnership, echoed this sentiment. “Working with groninger on the integra (vial filling line) and nest filling line for Civica has been a very rewarding experience,” stated Marc Suter, Head of Sales, North America at SKAN. “And our partnership will continue as we stay with our customers for the lifetime of the equipment, helping them with support, preventative maintenance and training.”

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