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Since the very beginning of its history, Aseptic Technologies worked closely with Regulatory Agencies and initiated collaborations with different partners, all experts and leaders in their specific fields. Since 2011, Aseptic Technologies is part of the Group SKAN, a company showing 50 years of experience in the area of cleanroom equipment and construction of Isolators for the pharmaceutical industry.

Aseptic Technologies develops, patents, manufactures and markets equipment that guarantee optimal aseptic assurance and complies with last regulatory requirements, while simplifying the validation and operation processes in the safest way.

At Aseptic Technologies we are proud of the AT-Closed Vial® Technology: filling pre-sterilized vials to significantly reduce the risk of batch contamination while simplifying the fill and finish of your drug product.Besides it, we manufacture other aseptic filling-related products, such as filling kits (AT-Filling Kit™) and aseptic connecting systems (AT-Connector™ System) used to transfer sterile liquids across separation walls.

Since 2015 we collaborate with SKAN in development new platforms combining our respective technologies with the aim of offering integrated solutions, fulfilling the future expectations of the Industry. Aseptic Technologies is ISO 9001 certified.