Only available in Switzerland


  • Protection from airborne particles and microorganisms
  • Work in particle-free conditions
  • Quick and easy decontamination and purification of indoor air


  • Einhaltung der Normen ISO 14644 und NF S90-351 für Reinräume und kontrollierte Umgebungen
    • Solution

      Calistair R4000 and C300 mobile units reduce the particle count and destroy pollutants and microorganisms (viruses, germs, fungi, bacteria) in the room air within a few minutes. Experience shows that depending on the conditions, an improvement of the indoor air, e.g., from ISO 7 to ISO 5, can be achieved.

      The heart of the Calistair units is the specially developed non-thermal catalysis. The destruction rate of all microbiological (viruses, bacteria, germs) and chemical pollutants is > 99.8 %. The air decontamination and purification systems combine different known and novel technologies. Calistairs catalysts are self-regenerating, providing long-lasting efficient decontamination, as well as energy-saving operation.

    • Functional principle

      Non-thermal catalysis involves 3 steps: Separation of pollutants by specific adsorbents, destruction by a catalyst activated by UV, completion of the treatment with a catalyst active at room temperature. The adsorbent acts like a sponge, trapping and retaining contaminants on its surface.

      A radical reaction takes place on the catalyst surface, destroying any contaminants that come into contact with the surface. The UV light used to activate the catalyst has an additional germicidal effect.

      Finally, the complete conversion into water vapor and carbon dioxide in small quantity takes place.

      HEPA 14 filters as well as coarse dust filters reduce the number of particles in the room air. The use of an activated carbon filter efficiently eliminates odors.

    • Characteristics
      • Non-thermal catalysis destroys pollutants and microorganisms
      • Various filter stages reduce particle counts and bind odors
      • Improves indoor air
      • Easy to operate
      • Quiet operation
      • Quickly and easily ready for operation
      • Constant monitoring of the entire process
    • Field of application
      • Laboratories and Research
      • Biotec and Life Sciences
      • Hospital and Pharmacy
      • Medical Technology
      • Food Industry
      • Mechatronics
      • Customized Solutions
    • Additional products and options
      • R4000 VOC, with more powerful activated carbon filter for solvent vapors
      • Pipe connection set, for operating rooms in positive, negative pressure
      • ROOM’R filter ceiling

    SKAN Pure Solutions

    Technical specification

    Technical Data (in mm)Calistair R4000Calistair C300
    Aussenmasse mm (B x T x H)700 x 850 x 1940353 x 372 x 704
    Luftdurchsatz m3/h800 – 4000< 300
    Mögliche Raumgrösse m350 – 400
    Mögliche Raumfläche m220 – 150< 60


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