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  • Personal and environmental protection against chemicals, solvent vapours and active substances
  • Low volume of exhaust air, limited ventilation capacity of the building
  • Energy-saving and resource-saving
  • No deposits in the outgoing air ducts


Adapted to the latest customer needs and all common standards for laboratory fume cupboards.
  • Solution

    The Workstationevo is a fume cupboard with partial air recirculation and an integrated filter system (activated carbon / HEPA). Thanks to the wide range of filters and e-loop technology, the Workstationevo offers reliable protection, which is adapted to individual needs.

    The air consumption is lower than with hardly any other fume cupboard.
    The proven partial air recirculation system has been supplemented with useful features that increase work safety. For example, the operator can use the filter type detection to determine whether the filter used is suitable for the application. Thanks to filter saturation monitoring, the risk of a saturated filter being used is eliminated.

    The optionally available electric sliding front glass has a motion sensor. If the system is not used, the front glass closes automatically and the standby mode is activated, which further reduces energy consumption. If the work opening is blocked by equipment or materials, the sliding front glass is not closed.
    The materials used and the construction are designed for optimum cleaning.

  • Functional principle

    The Workstationevo features the e-loop technology developed by SKAN, which ensures optimal airflow and guarantees the partial air circulation principle.

    The inflow air is drawn in from the environment, i.e. from the laboratory, through the front opening. The fresh air mixes with the contaminated air from the work zone and is extracted directly to the filters through the 2 air intake grilles on the work surface.

    Cleaned and free of contaminants, the entire exhaust air first goes to the internal ventilation and then to the top section of the workstation. The volume flow is divided there: Half is extracted into the outgoing air of the building, the other half is purposefully returned to the work zone.

    In normal operation as well as in reduced operation, the exhaust air flow from the work area is permanently filtered. The contaminants are therefore removed effectively directly at the source without contaminating the building exhaust air. Compared to conventional fume cupboards, the volume of exhaust air and the energy used are reduced many times over. This extends the use of the building, saves costs and is sustainable.

  • Characteristics
    • 60 % less fresh and outgoing air
    • Reduction of energy costs
    • Permanent monitoring of the filter saturation
    • Detection of the filter type
    • Flow monitoring
    • Wide range of filters
    • Intuitive operation via touchscreen
    • Measuring socket for HEPA filter testing (option)
    • Electric sliding front glass with motion sensors for standby mode (option)
  • Field of application
    • Laboratories and Research
    • Biotech and Life Sciences
    • Hospitals and Pharmacies
  • Additional products and options
    • Filter combinations activated carbon / HEPA H14
    • SafeChange filter system
    • Installation of the most common media fittings
    • Electric sliding front glass
    • Motion sensor
    • Table top made of glass or plastic
    • Sink

SKAN Pure Solutions

Technical specification

Technical Data (in mm)Workstationevo 120Workstationevo 150Workstationevo 180
Outer dimensions (W x D* x H**) *without fittings **with outgoing air nozzle, +172 mm with open front glass1203 x 942 x 25631503 x 942 x 25631803 x 942 x 2563
Dimensions work zone (W x D x H)1132 x 606 x 13121432 x 606 x 13121732 x 606 x 1312
Total air volume389 m3/h +/- 5 %440 m3/h +/- 5 %578 m3/h +/- 5 %
Outgoing air volume200 m3/h +/- 5 %226 m3/h +/- 5 %240 m3/h +/- 5 %
Recirculation air volume189 m3/h +/- 5 %214 m3/h +/- 5 %338 m3/h +/- 5 %


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