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  • Personal protection when working with CMR substances and cytostatics
  • Conformity with the regulations
  • Optimal combination of protective barrier and wearing comfort
  • Environmentally friendly single-use garment


EN14126-2003, Categorie III according PPE regulation
EN 374
EN 340
SUVA guideline “Safe handling of medicinal products in the health care sector”
  • Solution

    Cytostatic drugs are classified as CMR substances. This means that the substances have carcinogenic, mutagenic and reprotoxic properties. Reliable personal protective equipment is elementary for the safety of the user, at the same time the drugs must be protected from contamination.
    SKAN supports you in the creation and optimisation of the protective clothing concept – from the identification of the hazardous substances to the wearability test.

  • Importance of correct PPE when working with CMR substances and cytostatics

    Cytostatic drugs are considered one of the most effective means of cancer therapy thanks to their healing effect by destroying cancer cells. However, the substances, which are life-saving for patients, can also damage healthy cells of people who handle them.

    The right PPE not only instils confidence in the people involved in the treatment, but also protects cytostatics from contamination to ensure the highest quality of medicines.

  • Characteristics
    • Durable
    • Breathable barrier
    • Sterile or non-sterile
    • High wearing comfort
    • Certified protective clothing
  • Field of application
    • Hospitals and Pharmacies
    • Pharmaceutical Industry
    • Microbiology
  • Products
    • Hoods
    • Protective suits/Overalls
    • Protective gown/Lab coats
    • Gloves
    • Shoe covers
    • Sleevers
    • Spill kits/working pads

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