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Does your fume cupboard really extract all harmful substances? Measuring air velocity alone won’t tell you that. Testing this for industrial hygiene and safety involves movement. SKAN has developed a robot-assisted test procedure which includes movement in the test sequence.
With a measuring time of just 10 minutes using a mobile measuring station, potential leaks can be identified – together with many more fume cupboard parameters than ever before.


Fume cupboards in laboratories, secure weighing cabinets, walk-in fume hoods, during installation tests and routine service

Frequently asked questions

  • What is the purpose of the newly developed SKAN conttest?

    The conttest determines the amount of a harmful substance that escapes when a unit is half-open. It determines the concentration of a substance in the air inside the fume cupboard as well as on the “body” and “arms” of an operator, directly at the work area. From the raw data, the containment performance is determined as a performance class from 0 to 3. This patented test provides a clear understanding of the current performance of fume cupboards and instils confidence in occupational safety.

  • What makes conttest different from other test methods?

    The test system uses a more environmentally friendly solvent.

    It also employs a human-like dummy which tests the environment using standard robot movements, which simulate the movement typical of someone working in a fume cupboard. Measurements are then taken at nose, chest and abdomen height to determine if any substances are escaping from the fume cupboard. The test result is printed out on-site, ensuring operators are adequately protected during their routine work at the fume cupboard.

  • Can the conttest be used to measure several multiple fume cupboards in one building?

    The SKAN conttest mobile measuring station is specifically designed for this purpose and delivers fast measuring times. At least 8 fume cupboards can be measured per test device per day using this method.

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