sphere health is a seamlessly integrated application to enable asset health tracking. Machine data is collected locally and periodically analyzed to anticipate a component’s end of life at an early stage. The application is accessed through the Human Machine Interface (HMI) and it can be made accessible through your organisation’s network. Collected data can easily be forwarded to your PI System(TM) and centralized data hubs.

Advantages of sphere health

  • Track individual components and access critical information, including installation date, usage, service history, and predicted remaining useful lifetime.
  • Plan your production and maintenance windows and receive recommendations for component replacements based on common asset utilization.
  • Gain transparency into your asset’s health status and production KPIs to identify and mitigate risk factors for potential unplanned downtimes.
  • Accelerate troubleshooting with access to process data trends from the HMI.
  • Access asset data from anywhere, at any time, empowering you to make data-driven decisions to optimize your asset’s performance.
  • How does sphere health work?

    sphere health collects and analyzes machine health data directly on the machine and makes it available through the local HMI and on other data storage platforms.
    It uses state-of-the-art edge analytics and pre-trained machine learning models to predict the remaining useful lifetime of asset components.

    It gives recommendations for the replacement of spare parts for given maintenance windows and offers a digital service logbook to document all service activities carried out on your asset. Comprehensive dashboards summarize machine data and give an optimal overview of the asset’s health status.

  • How is sphere health implemented?

    sphere health operates on a dedicated industrial PC located within your asset. It connects to the asset’s information network to access and collect PLC data and display the application on your local HMI.

    sphere health is available for new isolators and it can be retrofitted into your exisiting production equipment. Either way, its application is seamlessly integrated into your operational technology (OT) infrastructure.

  • What are the options?

    sphere health is SaaS – a novel feature in the isolator industry! After an initial fee for hardware installation and PLC interface setup, you pay a yearly subscription fee depending on the features you subscribe to. The following features are available:

    • Basic: Access all your PLC data and track your asset’s components.
    • Historian: Forward data to your PI System(TM) and/or a centralized data hub.
    • Reporting: Access your asset’s KPIs and other analytics.

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