SKAN's skanfog SARA material airlock is an ideal solution for tranfe
The uncompromising transfer solution with skanfog® technology

The skanfog® SARA is a material lock with intelligent transfer solution for all materials from a lower classified to a higher classified cleanroom. The fully automated surface decontamination with H2O2 guarantees a safe, fast, and validatable transfer process for any purpose.


Fields of operation of the skanfog® SARA

  • Allows decontamination transfer from lower to higher classified GMP environments within production facilities.
  • EU GMP Class B (ISO 6) of transfer chamber for material surface decontamination.
  • Integrated skanfog® technology enables fast decontamination cycles within aseptic processes.
  • The integrated SKAN nanox® catalyst allows autonomous operations.
  • Selection of different rack assemblies and mobile cart-to-cart systems to enhance individual application.
  • Functionality of skanfog® SARA transfer system

    The independent skanfog® SARA Airlock transfer system connects two cleanrooms with different classifications. This modular transfer lock is defined by two large interlocked doors to each room. Inside the airlock there is a unidirectional airflow by extracting the drafts and returning them to the environment. Thus, the air used passes through the chamber without recirculation.

    The integrated skanfog® decontamination system performs a fast, automated decontamination cycle including leak testing.

    The integrated SKAN nanox® catalyst neutralizes the hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and guarantees a safe environment for the two interconnected rooms.

  • The ultimate solution for any cleanroom technology

    To meet today’s pharmaceutical process requirements for hygiene, efficiency and automation, modular room-to-room transfer within a reliable decontamination process with H2O2 is a premise.

    The sophisticated skanfog® decontamination technology guarantees a fast and safe cycle time and contributes to the acceleration and efficiency of any process. Thanks to the integrated SKAN nanox® catalyst, no exhaust pipes to the outside are required.

    The modular and autonomous system makes it easy to design your new skanfog® H2O2 airlock for almost any process technology.

  • Advantages of the automatic skanfog® airlock process

    According to current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP), material transfers within aseptic and toxic processes require validated operations. Very often, material transfer from room to room is still done through a manual process that is difficult to validate. A fully automated process not only facilitates validation, but also increases the safety of the process significantly.

    The skanfog® SARA is available in different sizes:

    • skanfog® SARA S: Small transfer chamber for pass-throughs.
    • skanfog® SARA M: Medium transfer chamber for loading carts and transfer carts.
    • skanfog® SARA L: Large transfer chamber for floor loading solutions.
    • Customized transfer chamber for special requirements.
  • Install the skanfog® SARA in your indivudual environment

    The skanfog® SARA Material Airlock system is available in three standard sizes, as well as an individual customization to perfectly fit the user’s laboratory environment.

    The integrated SKAN nanox® catalyst does not require an additional exhaust duct to the outside. Thus, the layout of the autonomous decontamination system is so flexible, that the airlock can be adapted to any situation and for any aseptic and toxic processes.

    A large control panel on each side provides constant information about the running process which is reliably documented and evaluated.

  • Automation

    SKAN automated solutions are developed according to current GAMP and fulfil regulatory requirements.

    • GMP guidelines, CFR 21 Part 11, EndraLex Volume 4
    • Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA)
    • PLC Siemens or Allen Bradley
    • HMI Beckhoff Industrial PC
    • Beckhoff touchscreen monitor 18.5 inch
    • Active Directory
    • Decontamination report
    • Batch report
    • Audit trail functionalities
    • Electronic records
    • Electronic signature
    • OPC interface
  • Options and accessories
    • H2O2 TLV sensor for room monitoring (operator safety)
    • H2O2 LC sensor (low concentration) for isolator chamber
    • H2O2 HC sensor (high concentration) for isolator chamber

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