“We brew for a better today & tomorrow”

This is the guiding principle that Feldschlösschen follows every day and characterises its culture.


Founded in Rheinfelden in 1876, Feldschlösschen has become an integral part of Swiss culture. The beverage retailer now has 1200 employees at 22 locations in Switzerland and is the country’s leading brewery with a range of over 40 branded beers.

Today, more than one in three litres of beer brewed in Switzerland is produced in the castle-like factory building. Quality and sustainability play an essential role in the company. Around 75% of the brewery’s thermal energy is covered by its own renewables.


Our solutions

Every batch is tested for beverage parasites (yeasts, bacteria and mould) in the laboratory. This ensures that no pests such as lactobacilli and pediococcus bacteria are growing in the sample or are already present. The sample is stored and observed in a heating cabinet at 27 degrees for a period of 7 days. This temperature provides ideal conditions for bacteria.

Feldschlösschen uses the HLFT from SKAN to prepare the sample for the heating cabinet and protect it from external influences. The outward airflow prevents the product from being contaminated with particles or microorganisms and therefore offers optimum product protection.


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