Only available in Switzerland


  • Fast application and effectiveness ensure short downtimes of the premises
  • Adhesion of product particles to surfaces
  • Easy handling


Tested as a decontamination system according to French standard NF T 72281
  • Solution

    With the biosanitizer machine aHP, tedious disinfection work can be simplified. Manual disinfection of all surfaces and areas is often not possible due to poor accessibility and takes a lot of time. With the biosanitizer machine aHP, you disinfect everywhere and eliminate the risk of cross-contamination of your employees without creating resistant germs. The microbiological effectiveness is proven by expert opinions and VAH listing.

    Nosocomial infections or antibiotic-resistant bacteria are becoming an increasing problem for physicians worldwide. The revolutionary Saniswiss technology covers a broad spectrum of pathogens that are already found in our environment several times. For example, multi-resistant Staphylococcus (such as MRSA), resistant Enterococcus (such as VRE), Clostridium, Norovirus and other Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria.

  • Functional principle

    The robust saniswiss disinfection machine aHP independently calculates the number of ml of disinfectant required based on the room size. A few minutes is all it takes to disinfect the air and all surfaces, including those areas not visible to the naked eye. An average room requires less than 5 minutes of aerosolization. The machine shuts off automatically at the end of the cycle. Fast and even distribution is ensured by the long-range vortex from a 1000 W air turbine.

  • Characteristics
    • Mobile use with practical carrying handle
    • One device is sufficient for up to 350 m3 room
    • Adjustment regulator for the room size
    • Push button start
    • Start alarm 15 sec. to start – 220 V / 1000 Watt
    • Powerful heated turbine, 22’000 rpm
    • Venturi system with aerosol Vortex, discharge velocity 80 m/s
    • Aerosol droplets < 4.5 µm
    • Dry cold surfaces: Dry Fog by Aerosolization
  • Field of application
    • Laboratories and Research
    • Biotec and Life Sciences
    • Hospitals and Pharmacies
    • Medical Technology
    • Food Industry
    • Kindergartens and Schools
    • Ships and Airplanes
    • Vehicles and Transportation
    • Rail Transport
    • Food, Catering and Gastronomy
    • Veterinary and Animal Husbandry
    • Aseptic Pharmaceutical Production
    • Greenhouses
    • Police, Crime Scene Cleaning, House Clearance
    • Military
    • Customized Solutions

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