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Process plants provide an ever increasing amount of available data for process control already from the field level. Manual collection and processing of this data is time-consuming and cost-intensive. In order to use the generated data optimally, a Data Management Platform offers the possibility to connect a wide variety of data sources via interfaces and connectors.

The Data Management System collects, analyzes, visualizes and archives the transferred data according to individual customer requirements. SKAN provides the analytical basis for a wide variety of application and business areas, whether corporate control, process management, maintenance management or quality management.

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  • What’s a Data Management Platform?

    A Data Management Platform is a set of software modules designed for plant-wide monitoring and analysis. The data archive is the basis of the OSIsoft PI system. This archive manages the collection, storage, and retrieval of process data. In doing so, it functions as a data server for Microsoft Windows-based client applications. Operators, engineers, managers, and other plant staff can use these client applications to access all plant data stored in the PI system data archive.

  • Where are Data Management Platforms used?

    Data Management Platforms are used in almost all industries. These include the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, biotechnology, power generation, metal construction as well as the oil and gas industry.

  • What does a Data Management Platform have to offer?
    • Enterprise-wide data collection and consolidation
    • Long-term data archiving with consideration of data integrity
    • Provision of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for users and management
    • Data sharing across all application areas (Management, Quality assurance, Validation, Maintenance, …)
    • Data investigation based on long-term process history
    • Reporting for decision support and documentation
    • Provision of uniform and standardized interfaces
  • Reference projects
    • OSIsoft PI: Pilot project for a mortar production plant
    • OSIsoft PI: Merging of two OSIsoft PI systems
    • OSIsoft PI: Tablet production for highly potent products

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