Only available in Switzerland


  • Fume cupboard for personal protection against hazardous gaseous substances
  • Protection against unpleasant odours
  • Independent of location


  • Solution

    The Circulaire® CT series is a laboratory bench filter fume cupboard with sliding or folding front glass, automatic air velocity compensation and the latest touch screen technology. A completely new generation of containment technology. It ensures compliance with COSHH regulations, tested according to BS7989: 2001. The Circulaire® CT offers a range of filters for almost any application. The full-colour touch screen with airflow and filter alarms is easy to operate and features audible and visual alarms.

  • Functional principle

    For personal protection, the air flow is guided towards the interior in order to prevent released aerosols from leaving the controlled working area. The various active carbon filter types effectively trap solvent vapours at the source.

  • Characteristics
    • Certified user safety
    • Wide range of filters
    • Automatic filter detection
    • Hinged or sliding front glass
    • Automatic air velocity compensation
    • Airflow and filter alarms
    • Touchscreen
    • Low power consumption
    • Low-noise operation < 55 dB(A)
    • 5-year warranty
  • Field of application
    • Laboratories and Research
    • Biotech and Life Sciences
    • Hospitals and Pharmacies
    • Medical Technology
    • Food Industry
    • Mechatronic
    • Tailor-made Solution
  • Additional products and options
    • Standard subframe or with rollers
    • Ventilated substructure
    • Various utility supply connections possible
    • Active carbon for the most common substance classes
    • Workbench made from polypropylen or stainless steel
    • Workbench with wash basin
    • Cable glands in the side panels
    • Further options upon request

SKAN Pure Solutions

Technical specification

Technical Data (in mm)CT 800CT 1100
Outer dimensions (W x D x H)800 x 700 x 12801100 x 700 x 1280
Inside dimensions, working space (W x D x H)785 x 680 x 8401085 x 680 x 840
Height of the work opening with: front glass closed / front glass open500B x 300 H / 720 B x 630 H800 B x 300 H / 1020 B x 630 H
Technical Data (in mm)CT 1400CT 1800
Outer dimensions (W x D x H)1400 x 700 x 12801800 x 700 x 1280
Inside dimensions, working space (W x D x H)1385 x 680 x 8401785 x 680 x 840
Height of the work opening with: front glass closed / front glass open1100 B x 300 H / 1320 B x 630 H1500 B x 300 H / 1720 B x 630 H


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