Individual protective clothing concepts for cleanrooms and production

With SKAN’s expertise in cleanrooms and production, combined with reliable product solutions from industry leader DuPont™ Tyvek®, customers can benefit from complete individual advice on PPE. SKAN will help you design and optimise a protective clothing concept, from identifying hazardous substances to carrying out wear tests.

User protection takes top priority
To protect the user, a properly designed clothing concept is essential – be it for handling chemicals, harmful microorganisms or pharmaceutical substances. Hazards may exist in different physical forms: liquids, gases, aerosols, sprays, dust or radioactive particles. The type of hazard affects the choice of protective clothing.

Protection for the product and the environs
As well as protecting the user, it’s important to keep the particle load in cleanrooms as low as possible to protect sensitive products. The biggest source of contamination is users themselves. PPE forms a barrier between the user and the product or cleanroom and therefore plays an important role in enhancing the quality of the finished product.

What is Tyvek®?
One key advantage of the material is the fact that it offers high breathability combined with maximum protection. This property is achieved by means of a patented technology that thermally compresses the fibres to form a soft, homogeneous material. The combination of barrier protection and breathability makes Tyvek® an optimum material for a wide range of protective applications. Tyvek® IsoClean PPE products for cleanroom applications are supplied with a unique packaging system that ensures sterility and significantly contributes to reducing contamination when products are transported into clean areas.

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