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In the life science industry, the importance of choosing materials that can stand up to repeated exposure to harsh chemicals is becoming more and more important.

Do you need to check whether your products and product packaging are resistant to different chemical agents?

Do you want to know how your products, product packaging, or the materials chosen to manufacture them will perform when subjected to different factors during production that could affect their final properties?

SKAN checks whether your materials are resistant to the chemicals, liquids and gases that will affect them later in the production process and entire product life cycle.

Service portfolio

  • Material Tests

    Application of persist – Material Tests

    In isolators, different chemicals are used for the decontamination (hydrogen peroxide) and cleaning of surfaces (mixtures of isopropanol, ethanol, peracetic acid, sodium hydroxide etc.).

    For quality reasons, suitable construction materials must be defined for use in the isolator systems that can be decontaminated and exhibit good resistance to various chemicals. It is important for the user to know which cleaning agent causes damage on the surfaces inside the isolator. Resistance tests can identify non-suitable cleaning agents for specific construction materials.

    SKAN has a standardised procedure to determine resistance to various chemicals.

    The Challenges

    • Selection of suitable cleaning agents in terms of material compatibility
    • Knowledge of the killing behaviour of Geobacillus stearothermophilus on different materials

    Our Solutions

    • Standardised test procedure for the determining material resistance and killing behaviour (D-value estimation)

    The Advantages

    • Test development based on scientific know-how
    • Interdisciplinary team with extensive experience

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