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Laborantin handling sensitive substances

The highest standards apply where research is carried out. They apply not only to employees and processes, but also to technical equipment and infrastructure. Safety workbenches and fume cupboards are indispensable in laboratories and research institutes. They form the basis for reliable and undistorted results.

SKAN Pure Solutions

SKAN Pure Solutions provides the world’s most innovative and reliable air-ducting safety systems for laboratories and research facilities. We possess unique know-how because we benefit not only from decades of our own experience, but also from the expertise of our customers. You know what you need – because you know which results you want. SKAN cooperates with leading companies, develops individual solutions and is willing to take an unconventional approach when necessary. Systems can be made to measure, in customised versions and with different performance focuses. They can be an individual device or part of a series. And, of course, they can always be embedded in the existing laboratory infrastructure. SKAN offers added value that pays off in everyday research – and benefits you as a customer.

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For customers there is only one currency in the field of research: reliability. Strict standards apply in a laboratory environment to ensure that results are not distorted or highly sensitive substances become contaminated. These standards vary in definition – depending on the task or area of application. SKAN Pure Solutions products take this into account and address specific protection and safety aspects. The ideal solution for your requirements should not only be reliable, but also support efficient work processes and create trust.

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