The extended reality mockup is our digital solution for project planning and implementation. Thanks to the integration of design data, our products can be realistically visualised and experienced in the virtual world even at the design stage. Our physical model, including glove ports and real objects, ensures that physical feedback and ergonomic checks can be fully represented.

Advantages of XR mockups:

  • Mockup can be performed just a few weeks after receipt of the order
  • Extremely high level of detail of equipment and products, thanks to direct implementation of the design data
  • Modern method of working thanks to digital tools, e.g. display of distances and areas
  • Ergonomic checks possible with the use of real objects within the virtual world
  • Customised mockup process thanks to integration of customer-specific data
  • Remote participation possible due to network-enabled technologies
  • How much space does the XR mockup require?

    In contrast to physical models, our system requires just a few square metres, needs minimal preparation time and is fully mobile. This offers a level of flexibility not previously possible with conventional equipment.

    Whether at our Swiss headquarters, at one of our other sites in Germany, Japan, the USA or Belgium, or at the customer’s own premises, our extended reality mockup is quickly ready to use and provides immersion in the virtual environment for efficient planning.

  • How accurate is the system?

    To build the XR mockup, we use only the best components on the market. This includes state-of-the-art technologies such as tracking systems for objects, bodies and hands, as well as the latest head-mounted displays.
    This achieves a high degree of detail in the depicted environment while ensuring an accuracy of less than 0.2 mm, for maximum quality of the virtual reality experience.

  • Can the process be adapted to specific needs?

    The combination of accurate virtual content and detailed real objects brings together the best of physical reality and the digital virtual world. It therefore allows individually designed customer processes to be assessed and implemented.

    With our hybrid system, customer-specific components and objects can also be integrated quickly and precisely – allowing all important aspects, interfaces and processes to be realistically simulated and depicted in accurate detail.

  • How do we promote effective working in the mockup process?

    Because it employs digital technologies, our system offers efficient and effective collaboration. Multiple users can work on a mockup model simultaneously, either in person or through remote access. This gives our customers a high degree of flexibility, allowing them to decide who participates in the mockup process, when and how.
    This form of collaboration allows you to incorporate all the relevant procedures and dependencies and ensure that the final result satisfies your requirements.

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