SKAN’s new appearance will be gradually introduced from now on and should reflect the expertise, diversity and corporate culture

Over the past 52 years, SKAN has evolved from a pure trading company to the market leader in the fields of cleanroom equipment and the construction of isolators for the pharmaceutical industry. In the past, SKAN was partially perceived as a mere mechanical engineering company, although the company has its own research laboratories where decontamination methods are being developed. The business areas and expertise are constantly being expanded. The last addition was a division for Digital Solutions in 2019. The company has now grown to 900 employees and five international locations. Furthermore, the age structure and dynamics in the company have further been optimized. From all of the above arose the need to sharpen the brand values and to create a fresher and more modern appearance that reflects the essence of the company.

Thomas Huber, CEO of the SKAN Group, is looking forward to the redesign: “It was important that the new brand identity reflected us as SKAN and that the close relationship to our customers and partners came more into focus. I hope that we achieved that with the new look. It was also important that the transition from old to new happens successively, since we are clearly striving for an evolution and not a break with the old.”

The new word mark replaces the previous logo and is the prelude to the new branding since the beginning of January. This will culminate in SKAN’s new headquarters, which will be ready for occupancy in the middle of the year. A new web appearance is also in progress.

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