Cleanroom – Ultra Clean Air

SKAN Clean Room Solutions

Some clean rooms are large facilities that use whole buildings. SKAN provides the customer with a range of modular clean room options. These are clean room solutions that can be fitted in existing workspaces. Their configurations are flexible to meet customer requirements. They benefit from HEPA filters which are rated 99.997% efficient, providing ultra-clean air. The clean room is designed using aluminium surfaces which help prevent particle deposit build-up. The interior is manufactured with 45-degree angles and no horizontal surfaces which minimises the possibility of particles settling and make cleaning easy.

For customers

A clean room does not have to be expensive. SKAN clean room kits are designed with simplicity and cost-effectiveness in mind. Not only that, the modular principles mean the kits can be set up and moved around to adapt to customer requirements.

A full range of clean room modular designs are manufactured offsite. Customers choose the right set-up for their environment and the clean room kit selected will be shipped within few weeks. Each clean room kit comes with a detailed construction manual. This means they are straightforward to assemble on-site by anyone with some practical skills. Their lightweight construction is user-friendly. This means extensions, dismantling or relocation of the rooms are straightforward if future reconfiguration is needed. Once the clean room has been assembled in the customer’s setting, it can be validated to the necessary ISO standard.