Laminar Flow – Ventilation technology for particle-free zones

What is the advantage of Laminar Flow?

Laminar Flow technology creates a smooth flow. Except for violent hand and body movements, external air flow sources and other disturbances, the air flow remains almost constantly aimed at a specific target. Laminar Flow effectively counteracts cross-contamination. The air flows in layers without mixing. The permanent flow of filtered air transports even fine particles at a constant speed directly out of the work area and thus keeps it clean. This creates a particle-free working atmosphere. HEPA filters in the safety workbench and on other Laminar Flow devices reliably retain aerosols and micro-organisms. The constant air supply prevents particles from entering the clean zone. If particles arise in the clean zone, they flow outside with the flow. The Laminar Flow system is therefore part of a comprehensive hygiene and cleanliness concept. SKAN offers three types of protection: Protection for the environment, the product and the person. Creating a clean area protects the product in question from airborne transmission of micro-organisms and particles. In addition, the user benefits from personal protection through the targeted interplay of Laminar Flow, air flow and several filter stages. It is therefore safe to handle toxic and infectious biological agents. In addition, filters located directly at the source prevent the environment from being contaminated with pollutants.

Areas of application of Laminar Flow technology

Laminar Flow offers advantages in many areas. The technology is used in particular in microscopy, physiology and in sample preparation in scientific laboratories. Among other things, Laminar Flow is integrated in the safety workbench and thus enables low-risk work even with dangerous substances. The focus is always on the special needs of the users. A SKAN safety cabinet is just as useful in laboratories and research facilities as it is in the field of biotec and life sciences. The innovative products are used in hospitals and pharmacies as well as in medical technology generally. The highly developed technologies are even valued in the food industry and in mechatronics. On request, SKAN also designs clean areas and workplaces with Laminar Flow that are perfectly tailored to the respective needs.