Schriftzug an der Wand vom Schullabor mit einer Sicherheitswägekabine der SKAN

Connecting Talent, Science and Society

A place for young people to discover a passion for STEM careers


SchoolLab in Basel, established on 16 August 1993, has become an essential destination for school classes from all over Switzerland and beyond.

With 180 workshops and 3,000 visitors per year, this modern lab is a hive of activity.

Young people can explore the world of STEM through fun workshops covering topics from chemistry, biology and medicine, such as DNA analysis, ‘Health, Prevention, Sun Cream’ and the manufacture of medicines. The lab is open to school groups from primary level to secondary levels I and II.

Our solution

What’s the best way to learn what it’s like to work with chemical substances and aerosols and how to protect yourself?
By working alongside an actual researcher, using a certified and standards-compliant fume cupboard.

The Workstation evo and HFCpro from SKAN Pure Solutions aren’t just designed to look the part in a modern lab, but also allow small experiments to be carried out safely in a hands-on manner.
All equipment is fitted with HEPA and active carbon filters to control harmful substances at source. The circulating air system in the Workstations means that less laboratory air is used, reducing energy consumption and environmental impact.

SchoolLab allows young and old to get up close to the world of chemistry.




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