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Over the last few decades we have successfully handled more Major Accounts for Sharp Cash Register than any other Sharp dealer in the nation.  We had to deliver thousands upon thousands of registers on time, properly configured and programmed so our clients could start ringing up sales immediately.

The result is a streamlined, finely crafted cash register order process system that is able to make even the most complex register setup easy to accomplish even when our clients are thousands of miles away from our offices.

We were the first company in the United States to ever develop PC communications to Sharp Cash Registers. Over the year's that insight has allowed us to create the most advanced levels of testing and diagnostic's to assure our clients their system will be easy to use and trouble free from day one.

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Our major account customers learned they could rely on us to provide a headache-free installation even for the most complex Sharp Cash Register every time.  That i€™s what they counted on, and we delivered!  That is what we are known for and it€™s our specialty!  Now we a€™re making the pricing, the process, and our software available to you!



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