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Why Inland Cash Register?

With nearly 600 Sharp Dealers to choose from, why Inland Cash Register?

We are one of a kind. We are not just up to date with the cutting edge of technology in our industry, we lead the way while others follow in our footsteps.

Yes, there are approximately 600 Sharp Cash Register dealers in the United States, but Inland Cash Register is the only one that also writes and distributes its own communications software. Not just any old software that we can call our own…the most comprehensive, reliable Sharp communications software package available anywhere!

That software, SKAN_Talk, is the software that Sharp Electronics Corp. - USA and Sharp Electronics Corp. – Canada use internally and sell directly to their own major accounts. SKAN_Talk is also used and sold throughout the United States and Canada by the Sharp Dealership Network. SKAN_Talk has been selected by some of the most prestigious Sharp Cash Register users in the country, including Madison Square Garden, Baskin-Robbins Corp., Army Air Force Exchange Services, (AAFES), PRETZELMAKER, Marriott, ARAMARK, and Mrs. Fields Cookies, just to name a few.

Besides our premier software, Inland Cash Register is well known for other areas of expertise as well. For example, the type of RS232 technology utilized by cash register communications is very unique and requires a high level of expertise not commonly needed for other systems. Even highly skilled professionals that routinely deal with complex network cabling and wiring have little expertise in this particular type of RS232 installation requirements. Inland Cash Register has extensive experience in the development, installation, and support of this technology at a level of expertise that is rare to find anywhere. In fact, Inland Cash Register provides a support desk that assists major accounts, dealers, and manufacturers with that expertise. We even wholesale custom-made RS232 cables and pre-configured modems to other dealers as well.

As a result of the fact that we write software, and sell and install the associated hardware, we have an extended level of expertise that is unmatched. Inland Cash Register is the foremost authority on Sharp ECR to PC communications in North America.

Just for the record, those are some of the reasons that the leading gas pump interface distributor, Gilbarco selected Inland Cash Register to write their RS232 communications software package, G_SKAN for their G-Sites. When you’re good, word gets around.

In addition to software and RS232 expertise, we have also created "hardware links" that enabled Inland’s customers to do things other Sharp users were unable to do. Customers of Inland Cash Register utilized the following capabilities with their Sharp Cash Registers years before Sharp had them available:

* Electronic journal capture (Used 7 years before Sharp availability)
* Magnetic card reader interface (Several years before Sharp)
* Barcode card reader interface (Still unavailable through Sharp)
* On-line PC customer look-up file (Still unavailable through Sharp)
* Speed tender keys (Shortly before Sharp)
* Polling un-like Sharp models over a single RS cable (Nobody else does this!)
* Polling multiple same-model Sharp ECR’s installed at a single site without Inter
* Register Communications or a multiplexor (Nobody else does this!)

Expertise, innovation, support, creativity, and reliability are the hallmark of Inland Cash Register’s solutions. Inland Cash Register often works as a developer directly with Sharp Electronics, but we also work independently with customers that need something special that Sharp isn’t providing yet.

That is why Inland has provided more than just software to many businesses that wisely understood the advantage of having a single source provide the whole system. Inland has been the direct selling dealer for cash registers to some of Sharp’s most prestigious and demanding accounts from all over the country. Some of the accounts purchasing cash registers directly from Inland include: Baskin-Robbins, Mrs. Fields Cookies, Marriott, Logan Farms Honey Glazed Hams, Hot Sam, Adventist Health Systems, Pretzel Time, City of Hope, The Original Cookie Company, and Great American Cookies. We have enabled them to do things they never thought possible with Sharp Cash Registers. By designing custom software or hardware, or by utilizing existing components in a creative combination we provided solutions for their unique needs. Then, we eliminated potential chaos by providing all of the staging, configuration, prepping, shipping, ECR programming, keyboards, modems, and cables. When necessary, we even arranged for installation by a local dealer. Program modifications could be done over a modem as easily for someone three thousand miles away as three blocks away. Distance from the customer became unimportant. We also provided end-user phone support to their franchisees or branch locations and to the local installing dealer. A proven history of doing it all, and doing it all well!

However, we recognize that the great majority of our business is repeat or referral, and we understand the need to give small users the same quality support and service as well as the large customer … so we do. After all, some of our favorite customers have been small businesses, and some of our largest accounts came from an incidental referral from a small business or a single franchisee.

By considering Inland Cash Register to be your dealer, you are making a prudent business decision. Inland Cash Register was founded in 1942. That’s well over fifty years of experience with cash registers! We are proud of the experience we offer our customers.

We have been formally recognized by Sharp Corp. as being one of the most Outstanding Dealers in the country. We have also been recognized by our customers and dealers as being the "best" at what we do. (Be sure to read their quotes in Accolades.)

Those are some of the reasons that you should consider Sharp Electronic Cash Registers as the product, and the reasons why you should choose Inland Cash Register as your vendor of that product. Now, here’s one more reason:
Inland is committed to providing the best service and price combination available anywhere!

We offer major account discount levels on even small purchases. How can we do that? Traditionally, in the cash register and POS Industry, salespeople are given a commission rate of 10% - 20% of list price. Purchasing from Inland over the Internet eliminates the need for a commissioned salesperson. The savings are simply rebated to the customer.

So there you have it; great products with a great price from a proven and recognized great dealer. You could drive yourself crazy by procrastinating for another few weeks, or you could make your decision right now, and choose a system without having to leave your desk. Directors of Information Systems Departments of major accounts have not hesitated to make Inland Cash Register their dealer for installations all across the country, and we didn’t let them down. We won’t let you down either.

Why Inland Cash Register? We didn’t think that should be a rhetorical question.
Why not order right now? Sorry, can’t think of a single reason. If you choose Inland Cash Register as your dealer right now, we’ll make sure you never regret it, and we’ll do it right at a terrific price.

Who else thinks that Inland Cash Register is the best? Just read some quotes and excerpts from notes, letters, and emails from Sharp Electronics Corporate, Major Accounts, Sharp Dealers, and some truly "great customers" posted under Accolades. We’re proud of them.

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