Only available in Switzerland


  • Fast application and effectiveness
  • Detection via bio- and chemo-indicators
  • No formation of resistances


  • Tested as a system according to NF T 72281
  • Swiss biocide approval
  • VAH / DGHM listed in Germany
  • Bactericidal effect according to EN 1040, EN 1276 (< 30 seconds)
  • Fungicidal effect according to EN 1275, EN 1650, EN 13624 (< 5 minutes)
  • Tuberculocidal effect according to EN 14348
  • Sporicidal effect according to EN 13704
  • Virucidal effect according to EN 14476 (< 30 seconds)
  • Solution

    Saniswiss Biosanitizer is a naturally produced product with a hydrogen peroxide content of < 6 % or < 12 %. Its high efficacy comes from a special treatment process during production. This is plasma-boosted. After application, the active ingredient converts back into water and oxygen without leaving residues on surfaces or in the air.

    The field of application includes curative and intensive (aHP C) or preventive and precautionary (aHP P) use in hospitals and other institutions, including epidemics, without creating resistance of germs. It also has proven efficacy against super germs (MDR).

  • Functional principle

    Saniswiss Biosanitizer with boosted hydrogen peroxide is the effective disinfection product for automated, aerogenic surface and room disinfection according to bHP technology. After automated application and a waiting time of only 30 minutes, the room can be re-entered after ventilation.The antimicrobial disinfection of the Biosanitizer leaves no traces, is dry and cannot damage surfaces or electronic equipment.
    The unique disinfectant Biosanitizer aHP impresses with its natural, non-toxic properties. As a result, it does not require any hazard symbols.

  • Characteristics
    • Unique disinfectant: aerosolized boosted hydrogen peroxide
    • Short contact time
    • No additives or residues
    • Effective against bactericide, fungicide, virucide, sporicide
    • Concentration gentle on materials
    • Certified efficacy
    • Effective against resistant staphylo- and enterococci (e.g. as nosocomial germs)
  • Field of application
    • Laboratories and research
    • Biotec and Life Sciences
    • Hospital Hygiene and Pharmacies
    • Medical Technology
    • Food Industry
    • Kindergartens and Schools
    • Ships and Airplanes
    • Vehicles
    • Food and Gastronomy
    • Veterinary and Animal Husbandry
    • Aseptic Pharmaceutical Production
    • Greenhouses
    • Police, Crime Scene Cleaning, House Clearance
    • Military
    • Customized Solutions

SKAN Pure Solutions

Technical DataBiosanitizer aHP CBiosanitizer aHP P
Wasserstoffperoxid-Gehalt< 12 %< 6 %
Anwendungkurative Sofortdekontamination von Räumen und Öberflächenvorsorgliche Desinfektion von Räumen und Oberflächen