The industry event for prefilled syringes.

Since its inception, this conference has been a cornerstone of our industry to learn, share, debate and collaborate, address our common challenges and promote innovation in injectable drug delivery.

We will present our e-beam technology to you on site:

“Validatable Transfer Method for Ready to Use (RTU) Syringes and Vials into Grade A in Compliance with EU GMP Annex 1 including a Case Study”

“More and more RTU Pre-sterilized Syringes & Vials are used in the market. The validated transfer into Grade A with appropriate contamination control in place is requested by the Annex 1.
Introduced will be the Ebeam Technology ensuring a validatable transfer method, next to alternative transfer methods.
The Ebeam technology basics, equipment, validation including a case study will be presented.
For industry guidance the Investment & operational costs & safety of the ebeam versus other transfer methods will be outlined and will enable the audience/users to take decisions.”

SKAN ebeam poster


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