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SKAN_Talk Overview

SKAN_Talk Overview

SKAN_Talk Overview

For Windows 95 - 98 - NT - 2000 - XP - Vista (32 Bit) - Win 7
(32 Bit)

Do you hesitate to change the price of a menu item just because it means re-programming the cash register? Do you hate that little worn out, paper "thingy" on top of your cash register keyboard because it’s covered with messy whiteout or has little squares of paper pasted all over it everywhere new menu items have been added? Are you frustrated with getting all your reports on two-inch wide paper with only one date range to choose from? Do you dread searching through dusty old boxes full of journal tape rolls to find an old report?

You are not alone! Wouldn’t it be great if you could find a program to simplify those jobs, or even to eliminate some of them completely. How much easier would it be if you could reduce the complex task of adding a brand new menu item and assigning it a position on the keyboard to just a few keystrokes on the PC? How about completely eliminating the need for a business with more than one location, to run around to each store late at night after closing in order to make the changes at the Point of Sale (POS) in time for the next day’s big sale. Think about how handy it would be if you never had to worry about updating that keyboard template to reflect new menu items added to the program.

Sure, we know how complex a POS program can look with all the diverse files and tables that have to be linked together in the very precise manner described in the little blue Operator’s Manual. And, we know that the little blue book makes it even more difficult by using terminology like PLU, Job Codes, Key Positioning to describe those precise methods. One customer said it best when he described the process of trying to update his POS program at the cash register by saying, "Right now it’s like trying to put together a thousand piece puzzle without even knowing what the whole picture is supposed to look like!"

So, just imagine if you could find a software program that could let your PC talk to your cash register so that it could magically assemble all of those very complex "puzzle pieces" together into one simple picture so that it all made sense?

  • Requires Microsoft Windows
  • Supports Manager's Work Station
  • Bulletproof User-Interface
  • Extremely Easy to Use

Currently Supports Sharp Register Models





A770 UP700

A771 UP3300


A460 A610



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