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Uniwell SX-7005 Errors

JRNL Paper Out (103)

    Error Messege

    JRNL Paper Out (103)


    The Journal side of the Printer has run out of paper and needs be refilled.


    Feed paper though the Journal (righthand side) useing the steps below..

    DO NOT force paper through the printer as this may result in damage to the printer mechanism or cause a paper jam.

    1. Removing the printer cover: Turn the printer cover lock key counter-clockwise and gently lift the cover.

    2. Removing the old paper:
      Press the “Journal feed”  key to feed the remaining paper through the printer. 
      Pull the paper release lever (head up lever) towards the front of ECR and pull the paper through the printer

    3. Inserting new paper:
      a)   Place the new paper in the correct position on the printer's paper roll bed.
      b)   Make sure that the leading edge of the new paper roll is cut straight across.
      c)   Set the head up lever to the head down condition and insert the leading edge into the printer slot, the paper is automatically fed into the printer.

    If Journal is blank, it is likely the paper is threaded wrong side up. Thermal paper is coated on one side only

    Did this fix the problem?

    If not, Then please call (909) 884-0475

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