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Uniwell SX-7005 Errors

Printer Error or Paper Jam


    Error Messege

    "Printer Error"


    When the printer becomes jammed or senses excessive printer errors, The Uniwell will lock the printer until an Initial Reset is preformed



    Note: To prevent permanent damage when clearing Jams, never use knives or other metal objects.

    Make sure there is no paper jammed in the printer and preform a "Initial Reset"  


    1. Turn the power switch off.  Open the printer cover

    2. Remove the printer screw.
    3. Lifting from the left of the printer, pull the top plate of the printer towards you
    4. Then, carefully remove any jammed paper or other object that may be clogging the paper opening.
    5. If the Printer appears to be in good working order and still does not print or feed, perform an Initial Reset.

    Note: Steps to preform an Initial Reset.


    Did this fix the problem?

    If not, Then please call (909) 884-0475

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